5 DIY Water Games to Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

by | Jul 14, 2022 | KidZone, Stephanie Holmberg

1.  Water Bottle Spray Tag: Grab one of your water bottles hanging around your house, fill it up, and gather your family outside for a wet and fun game of tag!

2.  DIY Sprinkler: Take an empty 2 litre bottle used for pop and have your kids poke holes in it.  Attach the open end of your bottle to your garden house using duct tape and turn the tap on! 

3.  DIY Water Blob: Your kids will love rolling around on this modern version of a water bed.  https://www.clumsycrafter.com/water-blob-tutorial/

4. Experiment with Water FiltrationSTEM water activities are fun, educational, and perfect for summer time exploration! Scoop up water from a creek or lake, then see how different types of filtration work. https://teachbesideme.com/water-filtration-experiment/

5. Nighttime Water Balloon Fight: Light up the night and splash each other with these fun glows in the dark water balloons.  https://www.thescrapshoppeblog.com/glow-in-dark-water-balloons/