Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for January-December 2023 ministry year is taking place on Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 7pm at West Campus.



Essey has attended Beulah since 2010 and serves in our West Campus Guest Services ministry. To him, Beulah is his home, and sees himself as a unique piece of the beautiful mosaic, akin to a “tesserae.” By serving alongside his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, he sees that we collectively create a stunning mosaic—the embodiment of our church, Beulah. What he loves about the local church is that Beulah exalts the living Christ. The pastors don’t merely deliver sermons; they passionately preach Christ. Beulah stands out to him as a welcoming community. Since first joining Beulah, he’s felt welcome, making it clear that Beulah is the house of the Lord, open to all, not limited to specific individuals or groups.

As a husband and father of three, one of his most significant life accomplishments is witnessing his children grow up with a deep knowledge and love for King Jesus.


Rita has attended Beulah for over two decades, initially attending the West Campus and later transitioning to the Southwest Campus. Playing a role in the birth of the Whitemud Creek Campus, now known as the Southwest Campus, has proven to be a very rewarding experience for her. Throughout this experience, Rita gained valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of connecting people, fostering teamwork in both setups and between campus, reaching out to the community, and staying focused and committed to growth with unapologetic excellence—though not necessarily in that specific order.

Being a part of the Beulah community has allowed Rita to seamlessly integrate into a vast extended family. Over the years, she has contributed her time and efforts in various capacities, including serving in the Nursery, assisting with ushering duties, and lending a hand in the kitchen. In the expansive family that is Beulah, participation in Beulah Communities has provided Rita with a deeper connection to fellow members. This connection becomes especially meaningful as they navigate life’s journey together.

Rita is now retired after a rewarding 35-year career in healthcare, where she supported Operations, Human Resources, Payroll, and Finance. She has been married to Peter for 45 years, and together, they have raised two children and have 3 grandchildren, one of whom is fortunate enough to be with Jesus.


Diego joined Beulah in 2010 when Faro de Luz became a campus of Beulah. His appreciation for Beulah stems from its identity as one church with diverse expressions across campuses. The multi-campus approach allows for reaching people throughout the city, both geographically and culturally, providing a sense of belonging and a space for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Over the years, Diego has actively served in Faro de Luz, contributing to the youth, young adults, and Creative (tech) ministries.

Beyond his involvement in church activities, Diego shares his life’s journey with his wife, Frida. Together, they find joy in exploring new places and camping during the summer months.


Josh has been a part of our Beulah church family for 25 years, starting his journey in kids ministry, then onto youth where he met his eventual wife, Jenaye. Together, they have served in various ministries within the church, including worship, Kidzone, and young adults.

Married for six years, Josh and Jenaye recently welcomed their son, Elliot, into their family. Professionally, Josh works as the Director of Operations for the Canadian Church Leaders Network, a ministry focused on strengthening and equipping pastors throughout Canada.

Josh’s love for the local church is rooted in Jesus’ ongoing work to renew all things, and the beautiful invitation we receive as followers to co-labour with Him as a community. In addition to his church and professional life, Josh enjoys biking year round, playing hockey, and serving with his community league.


The Nominating Committee, consisting of Bev Milton, Gabriela Orozco, Stewart Bruce (Elder), Tom Baart (Elder), Laurent Charron (Elder), Daniel Im (Lead Pastor), submit the following nominations for the respective positions:


The following individuals are nominated for election as Elders for a two-year term:
Essey Gebrenigus
Rita Meier
Diego Rodriguez
Josh Thompson

The following individuals have completed a two-year term and are nominated for re-election as Elders for another two-year term:
Ryan Axling
Jim Bailey