Beulah Hockey

The Vision

Beulah Hockey is built upon the principles of the Gospel & our aim is to foster a community that offers families an affordable alternative for a structured hockey program. Simultaneously, we strive to provide children with a secure and enjoyable space to develop their skills in hockey, become integral members of a team, cultivate good sportsmanship, and nurture leadership qualities.


Beulah Hockey’s 3 Core Values:

  • Be a Great Teammate
  • Do Your Best
  • Have Fun
If you would like to be notified when registration begins for the 2024/2025 hockey season, please provide your contact information below.

The Beulah Hockey Program

The Beulah Hockey program was established with the purpose of offering young athletes, who are not engaged in other leagues, an opportunity to participate in a relaxed, non-contact, and enjoyable program. Despite its laid-back nature, the program still emphasizes and supports skill enhancement and personal growth. Moreover, we strive to instill a profound comprehension of how God desires us to exemplify teamwork and leadership not only within the realm of sports but also in our wider communities.


Contrary to many minor hockey programs that demand significant time commitments from both children and their parents, Beulah Hockey has been designed as a singular day/time program. We prioritize the belief that sports should not dominate our lives. By offering a streamlined schedule, we underscore the importance of balancing athletic pursuits with other aspects of life.


During our skate sessions, we generally divide the time into two segments. The first half is dedicated to practice and drills, while the second half is dedicated to gameplay. A devotional is shared in the dressing room prior to each skate.


Hockey at Beulah
Hockey at Beulah

Calling for Volunteers in the Upcoming Season – Assistance Needed with Equipment

As we gear up for the next season, we are reaching out to our dedicated community for volunteers who can lend a hand with equipment-related tasks. We kindly request support in managing various items, such as goalie gear, puck bags, binders, jerseys, and more. Your valuable contribution will greatly contribute to the smooth functioning of our program and the overall experience of our participants. If you can offer your assistance in this regard, we would sincerely appreciate your help.


Beulah Hockey Age Groups

U7 – “Novice”
1 hour skate time
Oct 2017 – Sep 2019 (5-7 years)

In order to ensure a smoother transition into our Novice program, we highly recommend that new players have some prior skating experience. While we focus on hockey development rather than basic skating skills, we encourage children to participate in dedicated learn-to-skate programs before joining our hockey program. This approach allows us to provide a more comprehensive hockey experience tailored to the needs of our participants.


U10 – “Atom”
1.5 hour skate time
Oct 2014 – Sep 2017 (8-10 years)

As our young athletes progress in age, our skate program becomes more intensive, catering to their advancing skills and capabilities. During this stage, we incorporate drills specifically designed to meet their growing needs. Furthermore, we introduce a greater emphasis on game structure, providing them with valuable experience in applying their skills within a competitive setting.


U14 – “PeeWee”
1.5 hour skate time
Oct 2010 – Sep 2014 (11-14 years)

In the upcoming season, we are excited to announce that our PeeWee group will now include athletes up to the age of 14. To accommodate this extended age range, we have planned two separate skate times and will assign the children to groups based on their age and skill level. Within the PeeWee groups, our drills will emphasize game structure, zone plays, and advanced skill techniques. This approach ensures a progressive and tailored development experience for our young athletes.


When does registration open?


Registration will open during the first week of August 2023

How much does it cost?


The fee structure for our 2023-2024 program are as follows:

U10 and U14 $300.

U7 $285.

What skating skills can you expect?


Our program is dedicated to hockey development, prioritizing the enhancement of skills specific to the sport. While we value the importance of basic skating skills, we highly encourage children to participate in dedicated learn-to-skate programs prior to joining our hockey program. By doing so, we aim to provide our players with the opportunity to become even more proficient skaters, thereby maximizing their potential on the ice.

How old does my child need to be to register?


The minimum age requirement for our program is 5 years, with children born prior to October 2018 being eligible to participate. The maximum age allowed is 14, with participants needing to be born before October 2009. However, we may consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis, taking into account our current capacity and the individual’s skill level.

Can my child play ‘up’ or ‘down’ a team to their age group?


Our program is flexible and open to making adjustments as necessary. After one or two skate sessions, our experienced coaches thoroughly assess each child’s skill level and are attentive to their needs. If it is determined that adjustments are required to better align with the child’s abilities, we will make the necessary changes. Our priority is to provide an optimal learning experience for every participant by ensuring they are appropriately challenged and supported.

Can my child request to play with a friend?


As part of our registration process, we provide children with the opportunity to make one friend request. When constructing our rosters, we strive to create an environment where children feel at ease and can perform their best. We take great care in placing them in positions that promote their comfort and overall well-being.While we try to accommodate every request, sometimes the friend request will not be able to be completed.

Do you need coaches?


Always. This program does not run without its volunteer coaches.

Do you provide jerseys?


You can find a detailed equipment fitting guide here. We require the following:


Skates  | Hockey stick | Helmet with full cage | Jock (or jill for girls)

Shin pads | Hockey Pants | Shoulder Pads | Elbow Pads

Neck Guard | Hockey GlovesWater Bottle (with long spout is good for the younger kids)

Hockey socks

When and where will my child play?


Beulah Hockey is played every Saturday at Enoch Arena.There are no additional practices or tournaments that will be scheduled at a later date.

What does a typical ice time look like?

During our skate sessions, we generally divide the time into two segments. The first half is dedicated to practice and drills, while the second half is dedicated to gameplay. A devotional is shared in the dressing room prior to each skate.

What is the Beulah hockey refund policy?


Beulah Hockey offers a full registration refund to children/parents who choose to leave the program, but this refund is only applicable if the decision is made before the child’s fourth skate. We do not provide partial refunds unless there are exceptional circumstances involved.


Can I just drop my child off at the rink and run errands?


Parents or a designated guardian must remain in the arena as stated by our insurance policy. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our participants, and having a responsible adult in attendance is a crucial aspect of our program. And trust us, you will want to watch as it is exciting to see your child improve and have fun.


What is the dressing room etiquette?


To ensure an organized and efficient experience, we kindly request that only one parent or adult assists each child in the dressing room. It would be greatly appreciated if players could be fully prepared for their skate session at least 10 minutes prior, allowing the coach to effectively discuss the week’s devotional. For your convenience, we can sometimes suggest bringing your child to the rink partially dressed or mostly dressed, with only the need to put on their skates, helmet, and gloves at the facility. This approach can facilitate a quicker and smoother preparation process.

While we understand the excitement of family and friends in supporting your children on the ice, we kindly ask that everyone else waits in designated areas such as the lobby, stands, or viewing area. The dressing room is strictly reserved for participants and their designated helpers; it is not intended for spectators. Lastly, to maintain a clean and safe environment, please refrain from bringing non-practice items such as strollers into the dressing rooms.


Are the rules the same as mainstream hockey?


Yes, the rules in our program align with mainstream hockey. As children progress through the program, we gradually introduce them to more advanced rules commonly found in mainstream hockey, including penalties, offsides, icing, and other key aspects of the game. This approach helps players develop a deeper understanding of the sport and prepares them for competitive play in line with standard hockey rules.