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“The Block Party Trailer is more than a party in a box—it is an opportunity to BLESS those we live, work and play with. Its purpose is to provide an easy opportunity, as well as resources, for Beulah-owned small groups, MSCs, departments, and campuses to host a block party in their area. It is equipped with all the goods needed to host a party for 50-100 people; all the host group will need to bring are refreshments, disposable tableware and, most importantly, the people. A Block Party cannot happen by itself and many volunteers are needed to make it a success. For more info on requirements click the availability link below, pick your date, complete the form and an email info package will be sent to you detailing all of the information.

Click here to check Block Party Trailer availability from June 1 to September 1, 2019…

Why should you host a Block Party? Here are the top 10 Reasons to Have a Block Party*:

  1. To have fun – no excuses or reasons are needed to celebrate.
  2. To provide an opportunity to know your neighbours and where they live.
  3. To establish friendships.
  4. To increase that sense of belonging to a community.
  5. To meet neighbours on your block that might be able to help you with a gardening problem, or lend you that needed ingredient for your recipe.
  6. To encourage neighbours to looks after the neighbourhood.
  7. To help with safety/crime preventions by knowing who lives where and who does not.
  8. To learn a little about each other and know who might need a little extra help from time to time.
  9. To increase security by knowing each other’s schedules.
  10. To develop an opportunity to meet some of the old time neighbours and learn about your community’s history.

*Check out the City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Block Party Kit here for more ideas on how to throw an Awesome Block Party!