Engaging people to Connect with God,
Grow through Community, and Serve our World.

Now Is The Time

Beulah is an amazing community of believers with relentless love and commitment to using their lives to
shine light in the darkest places.

Today, we see God moving across our church. Lives are being changes and now is the time to expand our prayers, our passion, our impact, and our generosity to reach those who are searching, who are hurting, and who have never understood God’s grace through Jesus.

Jesus says in John 14:12 that those who trust in Him will do even greater things. Will you join your faith with ours and give generously? We’re building more than a legacy of buildings and programs, we’re growing stronger, gaining momentum, increasing in Bold Faith, and leaving an inheritance for our children’s children.

Do we have the heart for such an adventure? God thinks we do! And He has called us all here “for such a time as this” – Called us, not to be the audience, but the participants, in His unfolding plan for the people of our city.

Now is the time to build a new church building in southwest Edmonton to offer even more people the opportunity to discover the love of Jesus.

 The Need Is Great

In recent years, Edmonton has grown exponentially, yet the spiritual needs of our city are vastly under-resourced. New regions of Edmonton are under-churched, and many existing facilities are nearing capacity.

The southwest region has experienced a rapid population surge, tremendous new home construction, and is highly concentrated with young families.

Our vision is about making heart room and house room for each person who needs to find their way to the Father. It’s about investing into the lives of families today, for the generations that follow. It’s about the adventure of partnering with For and His family in an incredible journey of faith.

This requires an investment of prayer, expertise, and sacrifice by many. It is out turn to exercise Bold Faith, and to impact Edmonton’s rapidly growing southwest communities.

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