Beulah Training Institute

Introducing the Beulah Training Institute 

Beulah has always been on the pioneering end of ministry innovation, and has shown commitment to the Ephesians 4:12 model of ministry and robust theological education. These reasons are why Ambrose University is excited to partner in this new endeavour with Beulah. The Beulah Training Institute will help individuals know Jesus deeply and be known by Him fully by providing an adequate balance of knowledge, coaching, and experience.


Back in 1915, before Beulah was a local church, the Beulah Mission Training School (which was later renamed as The Edmonton Bible Institute) existed. It was a place where people could grow in their understanding of the Bible and theology, while deepening their spiritual life and faith. It was a place where people would be equipped for the work of ministry to build up the Body of Christ, as we read about in Ephesians 4. And it was a place where disciples were trained and raised up, as we read about in Matthew 9 because the harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few.


Now, over 100 years later, we’re basically re-starting what already was. We’ve partnered with Ambrose University to create an Edmonton-based part-time, holistic, affordable, and accredited three-year program where you can:

  1. Grow in your understanding of the Bible and theology, while deepening your spiritual life and faith.
  2. Develop strong leadership competencies that you can use in ministry and the workplace.
  3. Engage in an exciting ministry environment to practically apply the knowledge you’ve acquired, and
  4. Be equipped to live out your faith and share what you believe in everyday life. All of this will take place right here at Beulah in Greater Edmonton.


Our hope and prayer is that the Beulah Training Institute reflects who we are as a church: That it would be multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi-campus. If you would like to explore more about the Beulah Training Institute, please read through the course details and prayerfully consider registering.

We are so excited about your interest in this program and look forward to seeing God’s work accomplished in, through, and with His people. To apply for this program, complete and submit the application form. Your application will be received and reviewed by our faculty. A BTI representative will contact you for an admission interview.

Registration is now open until September 29, 2023.


Self Leadership 

Students will be reminded of and inspired by who God says that you are in Christ (being a Disciple and Making Disciples) while they learn core competencies at the Leading-self level.  As disciples of Jesus, our life is found in our identity. Why? Because God is expressed in what He has done, and what He has done determines who we are, through faith in Him, and who we are precedes what we do. According to Jesus, BEING precedes DOING, even while how we choose to live can shape our identity more and more. Often, discipleship (identity and character) and leadership competencies are studied and applied apart from each other with minimum integration.  

Intro to Bible 

This course is an introduction to the Bible, and an overview of the ways in which the Bible functions as Christian Scripture for the church today. We will consider the ways in which history, cultural context, literary features, and canonical setting factor into the way that we read and teach the Bible. 

Collaborative Leadership 

Students will learn essential practices found in Jesus’ ministry to be able to lead others. Students will also be equipped with practical steps and guidance to effectively model such practices to others while developing an apprenticeship system by activating their own personal leader’s gifts.  

Intro to Christian History 

Details to come 



Spiritual Leadership 

Details to come 

Intro to Missions 

Theological, strategic and personal issues related to the contemporary expression of Christian missions are surveyed and examined in this course. It seeks to foster an understanding of the biblical basis and Christian motivation for mission, examine critical insights into forms and functions of various mission strategies, while introducing key issues facing the Christian missionary enterprise. Participants will be encouraged to examine their potential role in the mission of the church. 

Team Leadership 

Details to come 

Intercultural Competency 

Introduces participants to the necessary intercultural and theological insights needed to increasingly communicate and act in ways that are effective and appropriate with people from distinct ethnic or cultural perspectives. 

Intro to Theology 

An introduction to Christian doctrine expressed in the Apostles Creed, with a focus on Christology. A student will be come familiar with and conversant in key themes in Christian doctrine at an introductory level. They will also develop critical awareness of theological and personal premise which give shape to life and thought. Additionally, students will develop care and attentiveness in communication about matters and theological conviction.



Leadership and Leadership Formation 

An exploration, analysis, and application of the field of leadership and personal leadership formation as it relates to ministry and marketplace environments. The goal is the shaping of skills in adaptive leadership placed around the core issue of character development. 

Students will be assigned a faculty advisor who can help with 3 class selections based on the individual’s callings, gifting, and interests.  




Beulah Training Institute will help individuals know Jesus deeply and be known by Him fully by providing an adequate balance of knowledge, coaching, and experience. We will help individuals in their growth journey by teaching strong leadership concepts, providing sound training in Bible and Theology, and engaging individuals in a ministry experience where they practically apply the knowledge acquired. 


Are you seeking to enhance your biblical knowledge and understanding? Do you desire to progress in fulfilling the specific calling that God has placed on your life? Are you searching for opportunities to serve the church in a more significant role? Perhaps you’re still in the process of discerning your path. If you respond positively to any of these questions, BTI is for you. 


The application deadline is September 29, 2023.


Primarily classes are held at our Beulah West Campus. There may be some instances where a class may be held at one of our other campuses or other location.


The 2023/2024 Academic year runs from October 2, 2023, to Mid-June 2024.


Mondays from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

Attendance for a weekend course might be mandatory once or twice per year.  


Answering God’s call on your life should be a source of excitement and profound fulfillment. It shouldn’t be overshadowed by concerns about overwhelming debt, particularly considering the high costs associated with post-secondary education. However, we bring you good news: we firmly believe that equipping yourself for ministry doesn’t have to drain your financial resources or jeopardize your future stability. 

Beulah has subsidized the tuition fee to make BTI affordable. Tuition for the 2023/2024 school year is $750. Monthly payment arrangements can be made available. 

Textbooks will need to be purchased separately.  

If God is calling you to BTI, but the financial cost is prohibitive, then please email . Grants are available by application.


A student who completes the full 3 years of BTI will receive a Graduate level Certificate of Leadership from Ambrose University that can be used to transfer to any of Ambrose’s full degree programs – the equivalent of 15 credits (1 full-time semester)


While we desire to see someone complete all 3 years of BTI, we know that sometimes life circumstances may change. BTI is designed for each year to build on the previous one, but an applicant is not required to commit to the whole 3 years upfront.  

By completing year one, a student will receive a Beulah Certificate of Leadership. 

By completing year two, a student will receive a Foundations of Ministry Certificate from Ambrose University.  

By completing year three, a student will graduate with a Graduate level Certificate of Leadership, from Ambrose University. 


Weekly, students should expect to receive two hours of in-person instruction. Depending on the course, different required readings and assignments will be assigned. Furthermore, a commitment of 2-4 hours per week for the service practicum (refer to the details below) will be necessary. We estimate you will need to allocate approximately 10-12 hours each week for BTI.  

Typically, Year 1 and 2 classes include about 30-40 hours of work. This is distributed between teaching, reading, and writing or other assignments. In year 3 you will register for 4 -three-credit Graduate level Seminary classes, each of which includes about 120 hours of work (split between instruction, reading, assignments, etc.)  

Each class is challenging, but very doable! Many of our current students are effectively balancing their careers and families with the demands of the course. 


The primary objective of the service practicum at BTI is to help you develop a willingness to serve others, and your church, and a commitment to a lifetime of bringing glory to God through service, regardless of vocational calling. Ministering to others in the name of Jesus will help you reach a higher level of maturity and responsibility. Service Practicum will help you:  

▪ Serve others with the love of Jesus 

 ▪ Develop leadership skills and compassion for others.  

▪ Develop your unique ministry gifting.  

▪ Grow in a greater ability to compassionately relate to your fellow human beings in a variety of situations.  

▪ Experience a variety of situations in which you can integrate classroom learning with real-life ministry experience.  

Placements should be meaningful, challenging, and rewarding. With the help of a Practicum Supervisor a student will prayerfully decide where the Lord might have them serve for this season of BTI. 

Wherever you choose to serve in your service practicum, your responsibilities include:  

▪ Consistency (2-4 hours per week)   

▪ Being supervised 

▪ A posture of learning

▪ A humble servant attitude


Regular attendance and engaged participation on the part of all students are vital to the process of learning in community. Students have the opportunity to participate in course conversations in ways that mutually encourage and edify classmates.  If a student misses more than three classes per year without justifiable reasons, there will be a penalty. 


Beulah Training Institute offers a unique advantage by immersing students in the vibrant culture of Beulah Alliance Church. Since such a high value is placed on culture, BTI is not offered online.


We are so excited about your interest in this program and look forward to seeing God’s work accomplished in, through, and with His people. To apply for this program, complete and submit the application form. Your application will be received and reviewed by our faculty. A BTI representative will contact you for an admission interview.

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