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There is a community at beulah for everyone!

We face so many challenges: Loneliness in a “connected” world. Busy lives that pull us away from growing in our faith. Making an impact while surrounded by the message “do whatever makes you happy.”  Sharing Jesus in a time when “everyone can have their own truth.”

Beulah Communities focus on The Practices: Gathering, Growing, Giving and Going together. As a church of disciple-makers, we equip and empower each other to follow Jesus, be continually changed by Him, and join Him in what He is doing in the world.

Whether you’re newer to Beulah or you’ve been here for a while, we believe that life in a Beulah Community is the best place for you.

Below are Beulah Communities currently open to new members. Take a look through and if one or two seem like a good fit for you, fill out the Connect with a Community form and we will connect you to their leaders so you can find out more about them and even coordinate a visit.

If you don’t find a community that seems like a fit for you, connect with us! We’re here to help.


Click below for each campus’ communities.


Schedule Varies

A gathering of adults aged 35 years and older building relationships through fun, food and fellowship, while learning together and serving our church and local Spruce Grove/Stony Plain community.

Biweekly – Fridays at 7pm

Central is a group of individuals ranging between 25 and 45 years old. We come from various different backgrounds and gather every two weeks. We gather on a more irregular basis weekly for events, volunteering, and just hanging out.

Biweekly – Fridays at 7pm

We are a Community of Filipino heritage. We eat and learn together in Filipino, while seeking to be a blessing to one another and the Filipino community in Edmonton. Children are welcome at our gatherings. We are always open and welcoming to new people. People journey together to celebrate, to grow, and to be a blessing to those they live, work, and play with. These are groups where you can belong before you believe.

Biweekly – Wednesdays at 7pm

We are a larger group aged 50+, who like Paul, want to Finish Strong the race set before us in our second half of life. We meet biweekly, in Southwest Edmonton, where we socialize, serve and study together. We continue to plan some functions with our peers in the “North of 50” Community.

Second Sunday of every month at 1pm

We are a small Indonesian community with an Indonesian language, who loves to learn deeper about God’s word & understanding the words of God. We start with a prayer and worship, then followed by a small discussion, testimonies, and praying for each other to support each other. We started our community to support each other in our faith and to enjoy the togetherness with delicious authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Wednesdays at 7pm

We are a group of men, typically in the 40+ range, committed to being fully devoted followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. God is our passion and growing in Him is our purpose. We cultivate expectations for God’s kingdom in powerful and significant ways. We do this by living out four Spiritual Practices: Gathering, Growing, Giving, and Going together.

Tuesdays at 7:30am

Through fervent and earnest prayer, we Gather Together to pray for our families, workplaces, churches, and our communities. We make our supplications known to God by faith, trusting that as we come before Him, that our prayers align with His will more than our own desires. We practise stillness in His presence (Psalm 46:10), as we are guided into praising, honoring, worshipping, and serving Him. “Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NKJV)

Biweekly – Sundays at 4:30pm

We are a Community comprised of mostly new parents with young children. Kids or not, we believe that in community we learn who God is, and often we experience his love through our relationships with each other. Our time is spent growing together through the study of scripture, praying with and for each other, and sharing a meal. We give together in practical ways in our local communities and neighbourhoods throughout the week.

Biweekly – Fridays at 7:30pm

We are a community of Filipino (Tagalog) speakers who gather to study and explore God’s Word together. We delve into various topics that deepen our understanding of the Scriptures and nourish our spiritual growth. Our group is a diverse mix of individuals from different generations who share a common love for studying and reflecting on the teachings of the Bible. We come together to learn, discuss, and support one another in our faith journeys. Whether you’re a seasoned student of the Bible or just beginning your spiritual exploration, we welcome you to join our group.

Schedule Varies

We are an open, loving, community of families in West Edmonton who are building community with purpose and looking for ways to serve the people we live, work, learn and play with. Together we explore what life with Jesus looks like, and we are becoming an extended family that gathers, grows, gives and goes together. We gather in a variety of ways, sometimes in a bigger ‘party’ way, sometimes in smaller relational meal times, sometimes to play or serve together, sometimes to study the Bible and pray together.

Biweekly – Sundays at 5pm

We currently meet once a month as a larger multi-generational community, share a meal together, and focus on Gathering, Growing, Giving, and Going Together. In between those monthly gatherings, we break into smaller groups called small circles where we dig into God’s word, speak into each other’s lives, and grow as disciples and disciple-makers together. These groups generally range around three people and each group determines when and where they meet.

Sundays at 3pm

Sunday Connect is a Beulah community that meets every Sunday to spend some time in praise and worship, followed by bible study and small group discussion/prayer time, often followed by  a time of food and social time. The group is open to anyone, but typically our participants tend to be single adults in the 40+ range, many of whom have experienced a variety of difficult and challenging situations over the years. It is our hope and prayer that our attendees will experience a keen desire to grow deeper in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ, and also engage in meaningful connections and friendships with others that will provide support along the way.

Will resume September 16, 2024

We are a diverse group of ladies typically 40+ range. Our motto is Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, soul & mind. Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him, & he shall direct your paths.” That’s definitely easier said than done and that’s why it’s important for us to come alongside one another in prayer, encouragement, and to celebrate life’s joy-filled moments together. We welcome ladies from all walks of life…we have all sinned; no one is perfect in this group. The goal is to become Christ-like in all we do through the power of the Holy Spirit as we study his word.

Biweekly – Fridays at 6:30pm

A Community of Filipino (Tagalog) speakers that gather and grow by studying and applying the Word of God. We engage in life together by giving and going together. We welcome families with children.


Sundays at 6pm

As a small group, we extend a warm welcome to men, women, and children. Our goal is to foster an enriching atmosphere where individuals can delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible and experience spiritual growth. We achieve this through engaging in thoughtful exploration, lively discussions, and personal reflection sessions.

Sunday Evenings (online)

We are a group of young families raising kids from the infancy to elementary. This small group seeks to deepen our relationships with each other, with our children, and in our walk with Christ. Join us as we gather, grow, give and go together in community.

Biweekly – Sundays at 2pm

A community of young families in the SW of Edmonton.

Biweekly – Wednesdays at 7pm

A community for couples/singles who are or are soon to be empty nesters, 35+ range.

Bi-weekly – Saturdays at 8pm (online)

A group that meets to intentionally live out Beulah’s 4 Practices of Gathering, Growing, Giving, and Going, through prayer, study, praise & worship, and living missionally.

Bi-weekly – Thursdays at 7pm

A ladies group of  various ages.

Bonnie doon campus communities

Biweekly – Saturdays at 9:30am

An intergenerational community of Bonnie Doon Campus friends that meet on select Saturday mornings in Bonnie Doon.

Thursdays at 6:30pm

An intergenerational community of Bonnie Doon Campus friends that live close to Commonwealth Stadium.

Tuesdays at 7pm

An intergenerational group of Bonnie Doon Campus friends that live close to the U of A.

Faro de luz campus communities

Third Friday of every month at 7pm

Un grupo de parejas latinas. Este grupo es intergeneracional, y su meta es conectar a parejas con otras parejas en diferentes etapas del matrimonio. Nos reunimos una vez al mes para compañerismo, conexión, y crecimiento.
A group for Spanish-speaking couples. This is an inter-generational group that hopes to connect couples with other couples in the various stages of marriage. We gather once a month for fellowship, connection, and growth.

First Friday of every month at 7pm

Un grupo de varones latinos que se reúnen para compañerismo con otros varones, que crecen juntos abriendo las Escrituras, y que sirven a su comunidad.
A group of Spanish-speaking men who gather for fellowship with other men, who grow together by opening scripture, and who serve their community.

Fourth Friday of every month at 7pm

Un grupo de mujeres latinas que se congregan, crecen, dan y van juntas en la comunidad Latina de Edmonton. Nos reunimos para adorar, aprender una de la otra, servir a las mujeres en necesidad dentro y fuera de nuestra congregación, y para servir a nuestra comunidad latina.
A group of Spanish-speaking women (18+) who gather, grow, give and go together in the Latino community of Edmonton. We enjoy getting together to worship, learn from one another, serve other women in need in and outside our congregation, and serve our community.

Need help finding the right community for you?

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What day of the week, what time, and how often do communities gather?

Our communities gather most days of the week, typically in the evening, with some gathering in the morning or afternoon. Email us to find a community that fits your schedule.

Are children and teens part of community life at Beulah?


We love kids and teens and we want to see them meaningfully engaged in community, just like adults. Some of our Beulah Communities include teens and kids, while many kids and teens are plugged into community via our Kids and Youth ministries.

Where do communities meet?

Communities meet in homes, campuses, coffee shops or wherever their activites are taking place.