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Community Life – October 2015

Community Life Newsletter   October 2015

Loving Community

Recently I found myself texting a friend, “We all need friends and help along the way.” My message was to a guy who’s going through a rough patch and as I talk with him he seems to be saying two things:

“It’s all good, this is how life goes …”

And at the same time, “Thank you so much for checking in with me. I need this.”

You’ve seen and heard that last part before: “I need this.”

As Jesus gets hold of more and more of us, the mutuality of community grows: We are needed, and we need others. Community is so much more than a good idea. It’s the life we are made for.

Leaders who get it

Henri Nouwen says that, “The great illusion of leadership is to think that man can be led out of the desert by someone who has never been there.”

And so we gather in community with others, and we gather leaders together. You are a leader in community life at Beulah in part because you get it that people need community. You’ve been in the “desert” of aloneness, of isolation from others. And led by Jesus, you are now leading others out of that desert.

Inspired, equipped, on the move

If you were with us on Friday October 2nd at the Community Life Leaders Forum we trust you were encouraged, inspired and equipped to lead in community.

For those who weren’t able to be with us this time, here’s a snapshot of the evening:

  • Delicious meal together with friends
  • Pastor Keith shared his “Top 10 Reasons for Loving Community?”
  • Unveiled the new Community Life Guide, outlining our frame for loving community, where we: know one another, hear from God through the Bible, and go to God in prayer
  • We saw our synergistic strategy to influence healthier community and to call to hundreds more into community this year

Fav’s from our Forum:

  • N.O.S.E – Help us sniff out new leaders!

Will you join the team to:

  • Notice leadership potential
  • Observe key leadership qualities
  • Shoulder tap
  • Empower: engage the potential leader in our process to vet, equip and release leaders into ministry

Head over to Right Now Media to experience the full training, with Dave Ferguson. https://www.rightnow.org/Training/Post/View/796063

  • Equipping in Electives:

Other CommunityLife News:

  • SAVE THE DATE: Jan 15-17 Hugh Halter will be here to share his passion for being a Missional Church – where everyone is “on mission” and discovering what it really means to become more like Jesus. Friday evening and Saturday morning we will host a conference with Hugh, and we look forward to hearing from him in our weekend services. www.hughhalter.com 
  • Consider a Group Serve!
    • Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes – Helen Sheh is willing to coach groups in packing shoeboxes. Contact: sheh@shaw.ca
    • November Serve Opportunities to ImpactYEG! www.beulah.ca/impactyeg.ca
  • Let’s Call Everyone into Community! YOU can grab these cards from Reception anytime to use as a tool for inviting others into community.

Share a card and ask!