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Community Serve Opportunities

Alpha explores the basics of the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question and is designed to create conversation. There is no pressure, no follow-up, and no charge; it’s just an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together.


Every single Tuesday evening, we serve full and nutritious meals and eat together around tables. This meal is profoundly important to the youth we work with. Firstly, this neighbourhood is lower income, and for many of these kids a hot meal like this is literally life-giving. Secondly, the time spent around the table has been some of our most rewarding moments of ministry as our volunteers and staff have listened and got to know these young people at a deeper level. Eating is a spiritual practice. There is something remarkably special about breaking bread with each other. We are so excited you get to take part in this with our community!

Details: Both groups and individuals.
Every Tuesday at 6:00pm.


This is a place for Newcomers to find work, learn English, get settled, and join a community. EMCN is here to enhance the quality of life for Newcomers and all Canadians. You can help in a meaningful way. 

Details: Both large group (max 10 ppl) and individuals.
Must be a minimum of 16 years of age, adult or senior.
Proof of COVID vaccination required.
Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Time blocks are: 9am-noon, or 1pm-4:30.
Can be a one-time commitment, specific days, or weekly ongoing.
Wear closed toe shoes, bring own gloves if you want. 
Every volunteer must fill out the volunteer application form, and wait for confirmation.


Through the support of our community we provide food for over 25,000 people each month. Let’s create a community where no one goes hungry. Contribute your gifts of food, time and money to make a difference today.

Details: Orientation required. Must be double vaxxed against COVID. (if we can make sure of this on our end that’s preferable!)
Must wear closed-toe shoes and be masked.
Individual or group options to a max of 30 people.
Fill out online form for dates and availability. 9am-noon, 1-4pm, 5-8pm.
Ages 12 and older. Many with disability and special needs can help.


The Mustard Seed is a Christian non-profit organization that has been caring for individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty since 1984. Operating in five cities across Alberta and British Columbia, The Mustard Seed is a supportive haven where people can have their physical, mental, and spiritual needs met and grow toward greater health and independence.

Details: See their website to explore your options.


Offering Hope Healing and Restoration. Adeara’s long-term programming is built to end the cycle of addiction, not just for women, but for her children and their future children. By providing faith-based accredited programming in a community setting, Adeara provides women the opportunity to step out of rhythms of drug abuse, crime, and trauma.

Details: You might be a good fit for our team if…

  • You’re available at least twice a month for 4 hour shifts 
  • You like being around people and making new connections 
  • You like keeping busy or working with your hands 
  • You’re 16 or older, or have an adult volunteering with you 


Outfitting newborns in need. 
Basically Babiesis an Alberta-based registered charity thatprovides basic outfitting needs for newborn babies born to families in extreme needin the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas. We strongly believe itis important to communicate, in a practical way, their value and worth, and to give them a sense of the hope and promise that our community has to offer. 

Details: Ages 18+ to volunteer, Max group of 15 people at one time. 
Application process for those wishing to commit to a regular daytime schedule of volunteering on an on-going basis, which includes an interview and orientation. Daytime options from 9am-3pm, Mondays-Thursdays. Bring own lunch if needed. 
No application process necessary for one- time group event volunteers or work night volunteers. 
To volunteer for a work night, you must register by sending an email or using the form below with the date and number of people. Shift time is 6-9pm. 


Hope Mission is a not-for-profit Christian social care agency caring for impoverished and homeless men, women and children in Alberta. Serving Edmonton’s homeless and vulnerable since 1929. 

Details: Anyone 18+, and ages 12-17 WITH an adult can volunteer.  
Most shifts are 3-4 hrs long. Drop in volunteering is not permitted, as every person needs to be properly orientated. Criminal Record check required for volunteers aged 18 and up. 
Max group size is 12 ppl.

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