Cultivating Kindness

by | May 5, 2020 | Jasmine Randell, KidZone

I don’t know about you but there are some points and times in my life where I notice my nerves and emotions hitting a wall. Not wanting to be a part of something or even think about something. It’s not always a bad thing, but sometimes it is, especially, if I’m no longer up for fixing it or wanting to be connected to those around me, those counting on me, or even those seeing my reaction.
When this happens I have to bring myself to a spot and say HOLD UP time for an ATTITUDE CHECK.
Yes, it’s hard to face that reality, but when there’s a lot happening around us, our personality and attitude that was once nice and very kind has sorta turned a little grubby. And like I said, if this happens and there’s a lot going on, well it makes sense; but we can only sit and live in the grub for so long. At some point we have to turn, and reflect in the mirror and find where we are and who we are in that moment. For me, most times I realize what I did, or said or the way I reacted supposing it was AN EYE ROLL, wasn’t very kind.
Being kind can be a struggle but being kind is also the doorway to the positivity we all need. It is essentially building up a generation that will impact our world and communities. Practicing kindness now will develop concrete fundamentals for the future.
Personally, I don’t have kiddos yet, but when my youth/kids at church, or adults, and friends have asked what’sone thing I want to teach my future kid besides knowing and growing in Jesus, I want my kid to BE KIND.
You see kindness means having CONCERN for others and really being able to show that thought or concern and turning it into an ACTION. It’s not rocket science and you don’t need a doctorate to know this. But it is the answer and key to empathy, love, care, and consideration for all. Kindness brings us to a place where we care for one’swell-being. It’s a word and lesson that should be embodied within every person in our world. Kindness exudes respect, it puts differences aside and shows you the individual; their needs, likes and feelings all of which can be read and acted on to make them feel better.
As Christians we aim to set an example and to live like God would have us live, showing the fruits of the spirit, and trying our best. No one is perfect and as mentioned, our attitude and patience may run thin at times. But we are reminded:

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Colossians 3:12

Love is patient, love is KIND.

1 Corinthians 13:4

If we live our lives with these two perspectives, I believe the love of God in our hearts and our willingness to serve will cause us to exude kindness every day.
From this, we will see positive change, engaging actions of kindness, and family members experiencing powerful change which will impact those around them and those they love.
So, how do we go about making kindness known, or wanting to see it more in our families? Maybe it’s first, asking the simple question of how do I want to treat people and how do I want to be treated? It may be cliche but this question will automatically refocus us back to the blessings God placed around us and those around us that we can be kind to.
As role models and parents it is modelling it. Kids are constantly watching you, you probably feel their eyes a little more since isolation. But during this time, use it for good. Think of a friend or connection you’d like to connect with. Talk to your kid about how you are connecting and why. Challenge them to think of one of their friends this week.
Maybe it’s within your own home, if patience is a little less and siblings are having more disagreements, take each of them and talk to them about it. See why they are feeling that way, and challenge them to think about their brother or sister for a moment and a way they could help, or make them feel better during this time.
As a child, I was super crafty and creative, I was the kid with a GIANT STACK Tupperware container full of supplies. And for me my way to act on kindness was to make someone something to show I cared or was here for them, it could have been a card, keychain, placemat for you to stare at while you eat HAHA or a acrostic poem, whatever, I could think of to show them I thought of them. For some, it may be baking their favourite snack, or playing with something they enjoy. There are ways to be creative, and if all else fails, Pinterest ?
For parents, it can be challenging especially right now with all that’s been happening, I can only imagine. But it can also be a time of unity and growth. So find ways to be kind to each other, or to yourself or your support group. Do something nice for that individual, say thank you (it goes a long way when it’s genuine), compliments (everyone could use one of those once and while), maybe it is lending a hand or doing the chore they usually do, or cooking lunch for them, maybe it’s little notes or prayers left somewhere for them to find.
EVERYONE deserves a little kindness, share it with your family, your neighbours, a stranger, whoever!
Kindness right now may be the place where we are all struggling a little, changes in our jobs, kids at home and around all day, every day, patience growing a little thin between every family member, plans being changed, sickness around and so much more. In the midst of it all, we may be losing sight of our little bit of daily kindness we could be living in and offering up.
Kindness is FREE, we just need to be INTENTIONAL in bringing it to life in our home and to those around us.
There’s this saying that goes around and it says “spread love and kindness you never know who may need it”. In the midst of everything, the ups and downs I want to challenge you, your kids, and your family together to spread love and kindness. Live with that perspective this week. Maybe it’s being kind to a sibling, or showing kindness to your spouse, it could be delivering a gift or meal to a neighbour, friend, or family member. Whatever the case is, find a way this week to show kindness to one another.

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Jasmine is a young adult, and the Next Gen Coordinator at our Southwest Campus. She is passionate to see youth, kids, and families be in connection with others and have a relationship with God in a real way, discovering their own personal faith along the way. When not working at the church, she can be found pursuing her MA in Counselling and spending time with her fiancé, Cameron, and her family. Some of her hobbies include road trips, fishing, a variety of outdoor activities, and checking out new restaurants or gems in the city.