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Eldership and Gender

Exploring the Role of Women in Eldership

As you know, the church has been on a journey to prayerfully study Scripture and engage in discussion regarding the topic of the role of men and women in Church leadership. While entering the discussions with a range of perspectives, the Board and Pastoral leadership came to unity on recommending our Membership affirm that both spiritually qualified men and women be eligible to serve on the Board of Elders. In reviewing this topic, the Board recognized that there are various biblically based understandings on this topic; and that we should not seek to discredit other positions, but rather seek unity in mission. The desire is to seek godly, spiritually mature, gifted leaders to lead the church. The membership present at the AGM considered this matter, and voted 90% in favour of this change to allow both men and women on the Board.

  • Notes on this and the upcoming Motion at the Annual General Meeting on September 29, 2019 Click HERE
  • For an overview of the Complementarian View and Egalitarian View, click HERE.

The Board of Elders has hosted three congregational discussions on this topic this year. You can view all of the resources here:


February 10, 2019 | Rev. Bernie A. Van De Walle, PhD
To view the material shared at the February 10, 2019 Information Night presented by Rev. Bernie A. Van De Walle, PhD click here.
A Brief Review of the More Popular Options is summarized here

May 28, 2019 | Greg Hochhalter

August 27, 2019 | Graham English, Lead Pastor at Stony Plain Alliance Church, and James Paton, Lead Pastor at First Alliance Church in Calgary
Click here for resources distributed during the August 27, 2019 Question and Answer Panel.

We recognize that there is an abundance of content available on this topic, so we offer below just a few recommended resources which may be helpful as you explore this subject.


An Official Statement of The Chrisitan and Missionary Alliance in Canada
Historically, the C&MA in Canada has valued unity in vision while accepting diversity in biblically-supported
theological positions. Continuing in this biblically-grounded practice, the C&MA welcomes, respects, and values those who hold differing views on the role of men and women in the church.
To review the full statement, click here.


The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible
by Scott McKnight
“Why Can’t I Just Be a Christian?” Parakeets make delightful pets. We cage them or clip their wings to keep them where we want them. Scot McKnight contends that many, conservatives and liberals alike, attempt the same thing with the Bible. We all try to tame it. McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet has emerged at the perfect time to cool the flames of a world on fire with contention and controversy. It calls Christians to a way to read the Bible that leads beyond old debates and denominational battles. It calls Christians to stop taming the Bible and to let it speak anew for a new generation… In The Blue Parakeet, McKnight touches the hearts and minds of today’s Christians, this time challenging them to rethink how to read the Bible, not just to puzzle it together into some systematic theology but to see it as a Story that we’re summoned to enter and to carry forward in our day.
Adapted from Amazon summary. Available on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Kindle

Women in Ministry: Four Views
by Bonnidell Clouse and Robert G. Clouse
Should women teach men? Should they exercise authority over men? What about ordaining women? Even those who agree that Scripture must determine our answers do not agree on what it teaches. And too often differing sides have not been willing to listen to one another. Here in ove volume are the views of four deeply committed evangelicals that focus the discussion on the issues.
Adapted from Amazon summary. Available on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Kindle


Women in Ministry: The Pauline Texts
by Gordon D. Fee, Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Regent College
In this audio file (click here) Gordon D. Fee examines the more difficult Pauline texts on women in ministry. He sets these texts within the broader perspective of Biblical data and within the cultural context of the letters.

If you have any questions regarding this topic as it pertains to Beulah, you are welcome to contact a member of our Board of Elders directly at elders@beulah.ca. Click here to review the role of an Elder at Beulah.