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Essential Life and Strawberries

Tim Doherty leads the Formation Team at Beulah. He is passionate about working with leaders to enable and equip people to take steps with Jesus and to become more and more like Him. Success for Tim looks like people being awake to who they are in Christ, and then living as God’s intended blessing to others.


I miss real strawberries.

For those who have experienced it, few things say early summer like sunny days bent down low picking deliciously sweet sun-kissed ripe strawberries – and sampling a few along the way.

I once heard strawberries called the honest fruit. Unlike other fruits that hide their seed inside, strawberries show their seeds on the outside. They show the essence of who they really are on the outside.

Over the years, as horticulturalists have mixed and hybridized strawberry plants to grow bigger and redder fruit, something has been lost. No longer are there seeds to speak of on the outside. And gone is the true flavour of – well, strawberries.




Have you experienced what it’s like to know and be true to Jesus? Many of us experience periodic glimpses, fleeting experiences, or momentary tastes of His life and presence. Do you find yourself longing for more?


Jesus wants you to know the joy of following His life more consistently.


If you are honest, I bet that sometime this week you reacted to something or someone in a way that was unpleasant for them – or for you – and you realize that this is a pattern for you. It’s almost like your reactions have a life of their own.


Wouldn’t it be good to know where that came from? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could see that pattern taken care of and you’d be able to live differently as a result? You’d be free to live more fully and healthfully with God and with others. We want to see more people at Beulah living true to who we really are in Christ and experiencing the life that Jesus promises.


Essential Life helps close the gap between the promise and the reality.


Those who have already experienced the Essential Life workshop know that when we get unstuck from our past, and from living a life guided by our reactions, life gets better!


By the end of The Essential Life, you will…

  • Have a clear understanding of the difference between self-life and Spirit-life.
  • Recognize how self-life and Spirit-life are at work within you.
  • Have prayer and sharing opportunities to respond to God in specific ways that self-life would diminish and Spirit-life would increase.
  • Develop an understanding of God’s law of sowing and reaping and how this applies to your life in order to sow and reap more fully from Spirit-life.
  • Recognize how beliefs are formed and how your beliefs, true or false, influence your behaviour and strengthen either your self-life or your Spirit-life.
  • Learn a framework through which your false beliefs can be exposed and replaced by truth so your beliefs, behaviour, and experiences strengthen your Spirit-life.


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