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Extinguishing Your Shadow Puppets

As a child, I used to love sitting in dark rooms making shadow-puppets using only my hands and a flashlight. By contorting my hands and fingers into unnatural shapes and positions, I was able to project shadow-puppet images that were both larger than life and warped from reality.

Truth be told, shadow-puppets are not solely the domain of children. Who hasn’t watched a Reality TV program lately and wondered how unreal both the script and characters really are? As the years pass, adults can develop proficiency in projecting images that make ourselves appear larger than life, yet in reality they are merely falsified images of a warped reality.

The late American President, Abraham Lincoln, coined it best: “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree.” Though some people say shadows are deceiving, I wonder if it is the one casting the shadows that is.

Are you weary of wearing masks? Have you grown tired of posing before others? Are you fed up with feeling the need and social pressure to appear as somebody you really are not? A person’s character is much more than what we want others to see of us. It is in fact who we really are when no one’s looking.

As followers of Jesus we face resistance – even more than the person who does not yet know Jesus – yet the favour of God is with us, in us actually, because of what Jesus has done and continues to do in us.

Fully-devoted followers of Jesus are challenged because we have a relentless spiritual enemy who is literally hell-bent on trying to destroy the character of Christ growing in us. Thankfully though, we who walk with Jesus never walk alone. Rather, the all-powerful Holy Spirit lives, moves and is growing the very character of Christ in us.

Is your desire to trade in your sin-flawed character for the Character of Christ? If so, then The Essential Character can assist you. This three-session workshop will provide you with a framework to help you come out from the shadows and walk in the light. Then the Character of Christ can become real in your life – not just a wishful projection of who we want others to think we are.



By the end of The Essential Character, you will …
– Be inspired to trade in your ordinary life for an extraordinary one;
– Learn how God, with your co-operation, can transform your character into the Character of Christ;
– Understand how you can live a life of honour, nobility and enlightenment just as Jesus did;
– Diagnose the state of your heart and understand how it either helps or hinders God’s efforts of growing the Character of Christ in you;
– Comprehend how becoming Christ-like means you will become a servant like Jesus;
– Identify your top five spiritual gifts which God has imparted in you for the purposes of glorifying God all the while blessing others;
– Forge a game plan whereby you can best serve God by serving others.

We hope you will join us for The Essential Character this March.

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Written by Rob Bedard, Community Life Pastor here at Beulah Alliance Church.