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Get In A Group

We all have a deep desire to be known. Maybe the only desire that is greater than wanting to be known is the one to belong. From the time I was old enough to have friends, I remember always wanting to know where I belonged. I wanted to know where I could go after school and play road hockey… who I’d hang out with at recess… who I could tell that I really liked that new girl in our class.

I’ve aged now and some would say that I’ve matured (some would say that I have not). But I still have those desires.

I want to know where I can be me. Where someone knows my name and misses me when I’m gone.

I love that our church is one that emphasizes Groups. As I think about all the groups that I have been apart over the years, I think of all the great relationships that have been established. I smile at the memories that come to mind, the holidays that we’ve celebrated together. The tough times that we have shared together. I have been in some pretty amazing groups over the years. The people in these groups have become some of my closest friends.

That is my hope for everyone at Beulah: that they feel that sense of community and friendship in their groups. They might not know everyone, but they know someone who loves them deeply.

Troy Neilsen
Groups Pastor