Engaging people to Connect with God,
Grow through Community, and Serve our World.


There is a group for everyone. Whether you want to tackle big questions, find healing, study the bible, build new relationships, or spend time with people that have common interests, your group is waiting.


groups@beulah.ca or check out our FAQs below

Here are a few answers to our most common questions.

Mid-Size Communities bring us together. We were created to be in relationship with others, but in a big church it can be difficult to know where to start. MSC’s are large enough that nobody feels like the center of attention, but small enough that everybody will know your name. There will be meaningful conversation, interesting people, and opportunities to bless others. Find an MSC here!

Learning Communities gather around bible study curriculum. You will be encouraged, held accountable, inspired, prayed for and able to grow as people who are exploring faith or as Christ followers. They gather in a large space and meet around smaller tables. Find a Learning Community here!

Small Groups meet in homes on a regular basis and study a variety of topics. They are great environments to go deeper and to support one another. Discover, learn, and practice Jesus’ way of life with others. Find a Small Group here!

Affinity Groups gather because of a common interest. We want to help you get connected to other people that love what you love.  Fill out our form if you want to join an existing affinity group or if you’d like to start a new one.

Our Groups gather most days of the week, mostly in the evening, and some gather in the morning or afternoon. Use the search tool to find a Group that fits your schedule. MSCs and Affinity groups typically gather every other week, Learning Communities and Small Groups every week.

We love kids and teens and we want to see them meaningfully engaged in community, just like adults. Many kids and teens at Beulah are plugged into community via our Kids and Youth Ministries.

Most of the Groups featured here are adult gatherings, yet we have a few wonderful exceptions. Check out the Groups listings, see that some mention family life or kids and feel free to start a conversation with any MSC or Small Group leader to find out more.

Learning Communities offer an option to pay for onsite childcare for those who register.

Learning Communities have a registration fee to help cover costs. Those in Small Groups will from time to time need to purchase a resource to support study and growth. Those in Affinity Groups may have costs associated with their chosen activity.

MSCs meet in homes, Learning Communities meet at our campuses, Small Groups and MSC Small Groups meet in homes (or coffee shops), and Affinity Groups meet wherever their activity happens.

YES. That said, in the case of Learning Communities, there is semester rhythm to the Group experience and you will find it best to join in September, January, or April.