Below you will find resources designed to help you have a healthy soul; such as classes offered at Beulah, self-directed studies, recommended books, and more.


Celebrate Recovery is a Christ Centered Recovery Program based on 8 biblical principles found in Jesus’ teaching. It provides a safe place to find healing and freedom from the hurts, hang-ups, and habits that are controlling your life.

Thursdays, 7pm
West Campus


You can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Be awakened to a biblical integration of emotional health, a relationship with Jesus, and the classic practices of contemplative spirituality. Discover seven biblical, reality-tested ways to break through to the revolutionary life Christ meant for you. “The combination of emotional health and contemplative spirituality unleashes the Holy Spirit inside us so that we might experientially know the power of an authentic life in Christ.”

Coming Fall 2021


Find these recommended studies (and more) on RightNow Media.

RightNow Media is an online media library with over 10,000 Christian Bible study, training, and leadership videos from respected teachers and leaders. Get free access to the biggest video Bible study library in the world.


If you crave simplicity and yearn for peace and calm, this study is for you. Through Biblical teaching and practical insights, this series speaks to men and women who know what they need to do, want desperately to do it, but find it next to impossible to break free of the “too many good and important things” that flood their lives. Lasting change is within your reach! Take the steps today to learn how to run the race of life at a different, more meaningful speed by focusing on what matters most.

You’re never ready for calamity to strike. Join author and speaker Carol Kent as she shares her personal story of unshakable faith in unthinkable circumstances. Over the course of eight chapters and through the story of Abraham and Isaac, explore the power of unthinkable circumstances, relinquishment, heartache, community, hope, faith, joy, and speaking up




Prayer Group

A group of people that pray for Beulah’s ministries, for people to find Christ, for the growth of individuals, for us to better reach the city for Christ, and for people who would like to be prayed over.

Mondays (excluding holidays)

Pastoral Prayer & Support

A pastor would be happy to pray with you over the phone or via email. Send us an email with your phone number for a return call or call the church office and ask for the pastor on duty.

Prayer of 10-20 minutes
Mon-Fri | 1-5pm (excluding holidays)

Personal Prayer Ministry Session

An appointment can be booked for a 90-minute prayer session, via phone or video, with a team of several trained prayer ministers.

Prayer of 90-minutes
*Appointment Required

Pastoral Prayer Ministry Session

An appointment can be booked for a 90-minute prayer session with our Congregational Care Pastor, for those who attend a Beulah Campus.

Prayer of 90-minutes
*Appointment Required