A group of believers established a mission in the growing city of Edmonton. At that time the population was about 2,500. Over time the mission grew, along with the city, and became known as a centre for compassion and help to those in need.



J.H. Woodward came from Ontario to take the role of pastor at Beulah. Woodward had a big vision – in addition to “doing church” in the traditional sense, he spearheaded many other important initiatives throughout the 1920s. Beulah is part of the The Alliance Canada.

Since 1921, Beulah has been a church focused on faith, growth, and impact. Under God’s grace, we have grown to become one of the largest Alliance Churches in Canada today.



Under Pastor Woodward, Beulah’s spirit was formed to ensure “every possible effort and method that we could devise to get the message out to those who were in need, we had to use.” Our founders had no certainty in what would happen; yet they were faithful that God would move and lead.

Young pastors in training were sent out by dog teams and on horseback to preach across the region.

In the early 1930s, worship services were broadcast across northern Alberta on one of Edmonton’s first radio stations, CHMA, whose broadcasts served to make Beulah a church home for many settlers in remote places across the northern prairies.The Gospel Car was purchased and used throughout the region as a mobile chapel.



Beulah continued to grow as many people learned about God and soon larger facilities were needed. The 124 Street building became the home of Beulah for the upcoming decades.



Sunday School classes in Sherwood Park led to planting Sherwood Park Alliance Church.

Today, about 40 churches can trace their roots back to Beulah.



We pursued creative and courageous ways to extend our reach to impact our city. During the 1970’s baby boom, a fleet of school buses travelled through Edmonton neighbourhoods on Sunday mornings to gather up children whose parents didn’t attend church and bring them to children’s programming.



As God continued to work, the congregation of Beulah grew again and eventually moved to the 178 Street location, currently the West Campus. Over time this facility was able to expand to meet the growing needs of the Beulah congregation.



Under the leadership of Pastor Keith Taylor, the congregation of Beulah led an initiative to reach into various parts of the city. Through this initiative, the Whitemud Creek Campus was launched (now known as the Southwest Campus). Shortly afterward, the Lighthouse Campus was formed, reaching the Spanish-speaking population in Bonnie Doon.

Many other initiatives also took place, such as the launch of Crosspoint Church in north Edmonton, supporting an international church plant in Vietnam, and working with the Arabic Evangelical Church to reach Arabic-speakers in the Edmonton area.



In the past decade, our average weekend attendance increased by over 1,000 people. With an average of over 3,000 people gathering each weekend to worship in the current facilities, the need to increase capacity to welcome more people was critical.

As we gathered on weekends and invited those we live, work, and play with to join us, we knew that God was changing lives. It was now time to add capacity for even greater impact.



In recent years, Edmonton has grown exponentially, yet the spiritual needs of our city are vastly under-resourced. New regions of Edmonton are under-churched, and many existing facilities are nearing capacity. The Southwest region has experienced a rapid population surge, tremendous new home construction, and is highly concentrated with young families.

Our 3rd facility provides a 7 day-a-week ministry capacity in southwest Edmonton, with a mix of live and video teaching on weekends. The first phase of contruction has been completed to provide ministry to those who attend, as well as serve to bless that region of the city.



On March 13, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic radically altered our approach to ministry efforts in our community. As a result of the presence of COVID-19, ministry shifted primarily online. New virtual environments were created, with Alpha seeing tremendous success, weekend service broadcasts extended to YouTube and Facebook, and many people made a decision to follow Jesus without ever attending a physical campus.



On May 15/16, 2021, Daniel Im was commissioned as the Lead Pastor of Beulah Alliance Church, following Keith Taylor’s leadership transition.

For over 100 years, Beulah Alliance Church has been awakening people to King Jesus.

“Beulah” is a Hebrew Bible word which means “married,” and is used to describe the relationship which God wants to have with His people. In early church circles, the word Beulah was used to designate an intimate bond between Christ and His church.

In the early 1900’s, a group of believers established a mission in the growing city of Edmonton; at that time the city’s population was about 2,500.

Over the years the mission grew, along with the city, and became known as a centre for compassion and help to those in need.

As a bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.

Isaiah 62:4-5

To celebrate 100 years of Beulah, we put together a book of 100 stories to highlight God’s abundant faithfulness and His work through our church for a century.

This treasury of stories is available for purchase and can be picked up during a weekend service at all campuses, or during office hours at West Campus. Shipping is available.