When significant change or challenge happens in a family, it is important that they are equipped with the skills necessary to increase resiliency, work thru emotions, and process grief in a safe and healthy environment.

HomeBuilders is a Christian-faith centered curriculum that provides both parents and their children practical tools and support over an 11 Week Program Outline.

Each week, parents take part in their own group sessions while their children participate in the Kids programming & groups separately.

Parents and Children register together
Programming for children Grades 1-Grade 6
Childcare registration is available for kids 0-5

Cost: $25/Family for Entire 11 week Program.

Do you have a passion for helping families in crisis? Do you love to create a safe and inviting environment where you can walk with people of all ages through their struggles and help them learn the skills they need to navigate challenging circumstances?

We need volunteers to assist with this 11-week program. We will provide the screening and training you will need to help children, grades 1-6 learn and apply healthy coping strategies through a variety of play-therapy tools such as games, songs, stories, and other forms of hands-on learning.

And if working with kids isn’t your thing, we also need volunteers who will come alongside the parents, teaching them how to support their children with practical tools they can easily implement at home.

For more information on volunteering for this program, please contact .

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Over the 11 weeks, the program will go over the following lessons:

  1. Self-Esteem – I Am God’s Building Project
  2. Grief – I Am Not Alone
  3. Emotions – All My Feelings Matter
  4. My Sad Isn’t Bad
  5. My Mad Isn’t Bad
  6. Blaming & Letting Go – It’s Not My Fault
  7. Guilt & Forgiveness – I Will Leave It In God’s Hands
  8. Worries & Fears – Don’t Worry, Trust Jesus
  9. Transitions – Changing Is Rearranging
  10. Hope & Next Steps – I’m Movin’ Forward
  11. Endings & Beginnings – I’ve Got The Keys

Each Week...

Each week, Parents meet together to learn how to support their children with practical tools they can easily implement at home.  Trained facilitators lead the parents thru this faith centered curriculum that equips parents to support emotional regulation and the processing of their child’s feelings in fun, meaningful, and practical ways.  This is a safe space where you and your child can find the help needed to move forward; not just to survive, but to thrive!



Homebuilders is a move, sing, play and explore program that uses games, music, art, and group discussions to help participants learn healthy coping strategies.

Children meet in in their own small groups each week, allowing them to work alongside other kids going thru similar losses who may be experiencing similar feelings.

The curriculum weaves in a Christian-faith based component, letting children know that God is with them through the tough time.  Each weekly lesson incorporates Christian music, Bible stories and prayer.

This is not counselling by professional counsellors or psychologists. The program is run by screened facilitators trained in how to implement the program, behaviour management, and our Participant Protection Plan.

Written by experienced professionals with years of experience in child development, physical literacy, and processing grief.letting children know that God is with them through the tough time.

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