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How Is My Life Changed?

These winter mornings haven’t been easy, especially since it’s been winter since late summer! Yesterday morning was another tough morning for me, but out of habit I still got up, walked downstairs to make coffee, walked to my chair and opened my Bible.

Why? Years ago an image from Scripture got embedded in my life:

And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:18 [NIV]

Wonderful. So how am I transformed? How does this happen, practically in our lives?

I think of it like a stream, a current in my life, led by the Spirit. I ride the current, try to co-operate with the current. My Chair Time with Jesus is part of the stream’s current.

I’ve been reading the gospel of Mark and I’ve been seeing the very personal encounters between Jesus and women and men. I’ve imagined their faces when He said things to them like, “Take your mat and go home” (2:11). Or when Mark says that Jesus was, “Amazed at their lack of faith.” (6:6)

As I sit in the quiet, the stories and teachings are landing in new ways. I want the “soil” of my own heart to be good soil (Mark 4), and I’m praying for the “soil” in the hearts of my family and  friends that I share life with.

I find myself growing in confidence that I too can speak with authority to call what is not into being, and to call what is sick to be healed. AND I’m hungrier and more hopeful than ever that the friends we share life with will wake up in faith and believe in Jesus. Why? It’s the power of the encounter I am having with Him, and the power that encountering Him has in others’ lives.

So in this way, this aspect of my life in the ‘stream’ is fueling other parts of my life: as I am regularly with others in our MSC (reminds me of Mark 3:14, “that they might be with him”), as friends we love have now shared Alpha, MSC, and Small Group life with us, and as a new friend and I now bike regularly together. My personal life with Jesus is spilling over into my life with others.

You might expect a pastor to say this, but please believe me. I live this way because I’m a follower of Jesus, not because of a role I serve in. So I’ll be in my chair again tomorrow morning. You?

May God shine His face on you as you seek Him.

Tim Doherty
Divisional Leadership Pastor