Engaging people to Connect with God,
Grow through Community, and Serve our World.

Identity of a Mid-Size Community

Imagine how it would feel like if you belonged to a community…

  • Where love was a verb and was characterized by action?
  • Where blessing each other was a normal part of our daily schedule?
  • Where we were all filled with passion, God’s Spirit, his strength, and where everything we did was towards serving one another and Jesus?

Can you see this? Can you imagine this sort of community? Can you taste it?

Just imagine what it would feel like to belong to a community where no one had any need? Where the community was more about giving to one another, than taking from one another? Just imagine if you belonged to a community that did not just meet each other’s needs, but also the needs of the stranger.

This is what Mid-Size Communities (MSCs) are all about. This is a description of the reality that many of our MSCs are experiencing.

MSCs are a group of 20-50 people who journey together to celebrate, grow, and be a blessing to those they live, work, and play with. It’s important to recognize that these communities are the people who compose the group, rather than the regular scheduled gathering that occurs. It’s kind of like how church is the people of God, rather than the weekly event.

The acronym “belong” is a great way to understand the core values of MSCs:

  • Bless and serve others
  • Extremely welcoming
  • Life together
  • Open and engaging
  • Naturally connect with one another
  • God-centered

Typically, MSCs gather every other week, so that individuals have the potential to form smaller groups that meet in the off weeks. Thus, the MSCs benefits from both the strengths of a medium-sized gathering and small groups.

At Beulah we’ve seen people connected into MSCs who were not connected to any other form of community beforehand. We are seeing connection, growth, and true community forming. We are excited about how God is using MSCs in the Edmonton area.

One of the ongoing steps in our discipleship pathway is to be connected in community – we want to help you take a step to get connected.