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Serve in KidZone

We believe that children have the potential to change not just their lives, but the lives of others – and that is through the power of Jesus working in and through them! When we get to be with them, we get to help them on that journey.

Volunteering in KidZone is about seeing the potential in children and being excited for what Jesus can do in and through their lives. Serving with children is an opportunity to help them explore their faith, to remind them of how God loves them unconditionally, and to encounter role models living out their faith.

Join the team and partner with people from all across Beulah in serving children and families.

What is the process for getting involved?


If you are interested in serving at one of our campuses, begin by filling out a Leader Application Form.




A KidZone staff member will contact you once you’ve submitted your completed application form.



A time will be setup for you to meet with one of our staff so we can learn more about your interest in serving.



A vulnerable sector screening and abuse prevention training will be required upon acceptance.


I love volunteering at District 56 because of the children – they teach me so much and they’re so fun!

Helena | Grade 5/6 at West Campus

I love serving in KidZone because of the relationship I form with the kids and the parents. And watching kids grow in their relationship with Jesus!

Tim | Grade 1/2 at West Campus

I love the opportunity I have to meet new and returning Beulah families and see their relationship with Jesus flourish.

Martika | Guest Services at West Campus

I enjoy seeing the kids learn and grow in Jesus. Seeing their enthusiasm for Jesus is so special!

Lisa | Early Childhood at West Campus

I love seeing the same smiling faces week after week and getting to build a relationship with the same kids!

Jeff | Grade 5/6 at West Campus

I love volunteering in Guest Services because it’s a way to say thank you to our Lord Jesus Christ and Glorify His name.

Ravi | Guest Services at West Campus


Which campus will I be serving at?

KidZone happens at all three of Beulah’s campuses: Lighthouse, Southwest, and West! You will have an opportunity to indicate in your application form which KidZone team you’d like to join.

How big of a time commitment will it be?

With the variety of serving opportunities in KidZone, there are different time commitments for each volunteer role. We know there is a perfect fit for you!

Do I need relevant experience working with kids?

Any experience is an asset, but not a prerequisite. If you are excited to work with kids for the first time, we would love to have you on our serving team! We will make sure to find a role for you that fits your comfort level and to support you the whole way.

I’m not really interested in working with the kids, but I’m still interested in serving – is there a spot for me?

We definitely have a spot for you! Perhaps helping KidZone with something like craft preparation, administration support, guest services, or security may be a good fit.

Can my kid serve in KidZone?

Yes! If your kid is at least 12 years old and 5 years older than the age group they’re working with, they can serve in KidZone. Please reach out to us to learn more about serving opportunities for your kid!