Daniel Im - August 28, 2022

Together We Give

When you get scared, frightened, or nervous, what do you hold onto? As a child, perhaps it was your favourite stuffed animal, a blanket, your pet, or a loved one. How about as an adult...? This weekend, we are going to discover that sometimes the things that we're holding onto, are the very things that are holding onto us.

Scripture References: Luke 18:18-21, Luke 18:28-30

From Series: "The Way"

Join us this weekend, we’re starting a four-week journey to recalibrate our lives to the Way of Jesus. Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we are going to discover where we’ve strayed from the way of Jesus, own up to the different ways that we’ve strayed, and then intentionally choose to follow Jesus and accept His invitation to be both disciples and disciple-makers. Let’s journey this recalibration together.


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