Daniel Im - March 2, 2024

Even When It Hurts

Loss is normal. It hurts in different ways depending on the type of loss...but when you think about it, loss is just a part of the human journey. Whether it's a loss of a loved one, a loss of your job, a loss of "normal," a loss of what you hoped to be doing, or a loss of memory...loss is normal and it hurts. This weekend, this is what we are going to be exploring together.

Scripture References: Mark 6:14-29

From Series: "You Are Ready"

One of the most common misconceptions of discipleship is that there are different levels and that one is somehow better than the other. Discipleship is a journey, a progression, a moving forward, a lifetime of learning how to apply the same principles in new and more meaningful ways. There is a deepening of dependence, understanding, learning, serving, sacrifice, applying knowledge so it may turned into wisdom. In the same way as a child grows up and a parent will tell them “you are ready”, there are times in our discipleship journey where Jesus looks at us, knowing we are ready to take the next step…even when we don’t feel ready. This next series of Mark we see Jesus doing just that with his disciples.

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