Daniel Im - January 27, 2024

A Storm

The storms of life are not only those moments where we can find faith in Jesus, but they are also those moments where we can renew our faith and trust in Jesus who, in just one word, can stop the storm & get us out of the ditch.

Scripture References: Mark 4:35-41

From Series: "At His Word"

We all know that Jesus performed many miracles. He calmed the storm, freed the trapped, healed the sick and rose the dead to life. But, more than the miracles he performed, it was often the words he shared that offered a deeper and even more life changing experience. Jesus consistently spoke the humanity of the situation. He spoke individually to the person. Jesus wants to meet us all where we are at, in the midst of our hurt, struggle, pain, etc. He, at times, will even calm the storm or remove the struggle. However, it is the power of the words he speaks that really change us. He speaks directly to us. He is personal. He cares. So as we dive into four stories of Jesus’ interaction with his disciples and others around him, let us also be listening to what He may be saying to us and to you, personally.

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