Daniel Im - January 13, 2024

I Am Known

I Am

Shame will come in between us and our loved ones, our family members, those sitting next to you right now, our neighbours, our classmates, our co-workers, and God, because we are hiding who we actually are in fear of being shamed even more than we’ve already been. We are hiding because we are afraid that we are NOT ENOUGH!

Scripture References: Genesis 2:25, Genesis 3:1-13, Genesis 3:21

From Series: "I Am"

Everyone of us is unique, yet there is something about us that is the same. It’s the same for everyone that came before us, the same for everyone that is here now and will be the same for everyone that comes after us. We all made in the image of God. We all carry His image. It is only because of who He is that we can know and better understand who we are.

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