Jamie Niven - August 19, 2023


We're going to explore the lives of six characters from the Old Testament who experienced interruption—how they were interrupted, what they did when they were, and how that can inform the way that we live today. And we're going to do that by exploring characters that we typically don't talk about. This week we are focusing on Gideon.

Scripture References: Judges 6:1-40, Judges 7:1-25, Judges 8:1-35

From Series: "Life Interrupted"

Every time we’re interrupted, there’s a now, and a not yet. The interruption happened, the now is happening, but the not yet has not yet happened. Our choices between the now and the not yet, will determine what that not yet will look like. Over the next six weeks we are going to see the different ways that individuals in the Old Testament were interrupted, and how their now affected their not yet. Just like God wasn’t done with these individuals, He isn’t done with you. He is still writing your story.

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