Keith Taylor - April 20, 2024

A Habit Of Hope

A Fresh Start

God sees the whole picture, we can only see a part. In the midst of our losses, it is an act of faith to believe God is still at work and his ultimate aim is to bless us.

Scripture References: Ruth 1:1-22

From Series: "A Fresh Start"

There are times in our lives where our current circumstances can lead us to think and believe “This is it. This is the end.” We get caught in a trap of lies about the sin we’re struggling with, the harsh words around us, the weight of current circumstance and even the lies we believe about others. But it’s not the end, it isn’t over. Jesus has more for us, more for you. Perhaps the fresh start comes when we stop pursuing the “things” of God and just turn and pursue him. A fresh start is just beyond the threshold, right around the corner or right in front of you. What could happen if you took time to lean into the leading of Jesus right now, in your current circumstance, and allow him to lead you to a fresh start?

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