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How 1+1 = More Than We Would Expect

If I say coffee + chocolate, or salted caramel, what happens in you? “Wow,” right? For many of us these are wow combinations. When multiple influences work together to make things better than they were on their own. Like Han Solo + Chewbacca, or Anna + Olaf, or Mark Messier + Wayne Gretzky. Or when heart, mind, soul and body connect with God in unison. That’s synergy and it’s good stuff!

In my last post I shared about my Chair Time, I said that as I sat in the quiet the stories and teachings of Jesus were landing in new ways and the encounter I was having with Him was changing my life. It still is.

Here’s another ingredient: the synergy of how my personal time with Jesus works in concert with when I gather with you on weekends to worship Him together. These two practices are so normal for me that I can overlook how much impact they have in concert with one another. Yet the synergy is powerful. Let me explain.

Chair Time is about me and God. This is good. My heart and mind are instructed and the conversation is personal. Yet I gather with the church because I have learned that I need to regularly see that I am part of something greater. That life with God isn’t mainly about me. That God is a very big God, and that life with God requires the dynamics that only happen when the church gathers.

Nowhere else can I feel the presence of the Spirit alive and active in so many people at the same time. I am impacted in an entirely different way when I join my voice with many others to sing to and about God than when/if I sing on my own. And God does something uniquely different when I hear the Bible’s message when I am physically present in the room.

In short, experiencing God’s grace in action as we respond to Him in our weekend worship and seeing love in action as we experience Him and love Him back – together – is absolutely necessary for my soul and my life. I am lifted by you, and you by me.

At times this can be especially rich – like for me, most of this year! The richness and energy in times of worship and in a number of our messages has been powerful in my life. I am enriched, inspired, and so thankful. People who gather with the church for worship regularly grow in their faith far more than those who don’t.

“Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives. Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts.”  Colossians 3:16

Here’s the good stuff: the synergy of Chair Time and Worship on Weekends produces far more than the two added together. God is widening my heart for people and strengthening my passion to serve Him so that many more will come to know Him too.

Grace to you.

Tim Doherty
Divisional Leadership Pastor