Life is not meant to be lived alone. We want to see you face life with the kind of love and support God has in mind for you. Now is the perfect time to find a group that fits your schedule and season of life.
Mid-Size Communities bring us together. MSC’s are large enough that nobody feels like the center of attention, but small enough that everybody will know your name. There will be meaningful conversation, interesting people, and opportunities to bless others. Get in a group today.
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When I think of a group, I think of those three things: faith, hope, and love being encompassed in the group. Many of us in our group share that same faith. Faith in Jesus and in God. And there’s this hope of a bright future. Not just in heaven one day, but tomorrow is brighter because of community and because of Jesus. And love. There are all kinds of displays of love within our MSC and you can’t help but feel and experience them.

Tyler Neilsen