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Practice Praying BIG!

Why does God work in profound ways in one setting and not in another? Why during certain periods of history do we see the Holy Spirit poured out and a great deal of spiritual activity occurs and then other periods of history God seems distant and unresponsive? Author Will Davis Jr. asks;

“What are you praying for today that will require a miraculous answer from God? What are you asking for that only God can do? If you seem to be stuck in a prayer rut, if your `asks` are limited to the token God, bless Joe and be with Sherri kinds of requests, then it’s time for you to start taking some risks in prayer. It’s time for you to start asking big!”

God is doing some amazing things here at Beulah. I know of numerous people that have experienced healing recently. Significant prayers have been answered. One person accepted Christ one day after his 88th birthday whom people had been praying for over the last 45 years. That is truly amazing! I wonder if the reason we don’t see more answers to prayer is that we either don’t believe or even have the courage to ask God for those big, hairy audacious goals that we dream about out.

Maybe you need to receive a new perspective on prayer. Consider a seminar, course, or booking yourself time in your own schedule to pray more. Maybe many more of your prayers will be answered in this next year because you were exposed to some new ideas about prayer and your horizons were broadened.

Ray Wiens, Author of this post is in charge of Prayer Ministry at Beulah Alliance Church, and organizes the annual Wireless Prayer Conference, this year on March 20th & 21st, 2015. ray@beulah.ca