Over the past couple of decades, churches have discovered the importance of intentional, prepared leadership transitions. Beulah has had a very significant ministry over the past century. As a large, multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi-campus church, senior pastoral leadership really matters.

The Board of Elders have prayed, planned, and considered this transition for the past number of years, seeking first biblical counsel, as well as outside counsel in this process. The process reviewed spiritual maturity, spiritual gifts, pastoral calling, ministry vision, relevant leadership experience, alignment of core values, theological understanding, the embracing of our doctrinal statement, and awareness of cultural issues. The Board considered the candidates personal life; including mental health, marital strength, and family health.

On May 15/16, 2021, Daniel Im was commissioned as the Lead Pastor of Beulah Alliance Church, following Keith Taylor’s leadership transition.


As the former Lead Pastor, Keith Taylor recognized that pastoral leadership has a starting and ending point, and it had been his desire to position Beulah well for its next season of ministry. Keith served Beulah faithfully for 30 years and passed the leadership mantle to Daniel Im during Beulah’s 100th year of ministry.

Throughout the past year, Daniel has provided excellent leadership with our staff team. He is smart, humble, and a Christ-honouring pastor. I am confident in God bringing Daniel and Christina back to Beulah for such a time as this and that Daniel is called to lead Beulah in this next season. I have encouraged and supported him and my hope is that this transition positions Beulah to stretch towards what God has in store for the future. God has been amazingly faithful to Beulah for 100 years. This 100th year will be marked by beginning an exciting new chapter.


Daniel Im is helping Beulah realize God’s vision for what comes next—in particular, what it looks like to awaken Greater Edmonton to King Jesus.

Christina and I are so excited to journey with our Beulah church family, as we together lift up high the name of Jesus over greater Edmonton because it’s all about Him. His name is the only name that matters. And he’s the One that has led Beulah for the past 100 years and will continue to lead her as we start this second century of ministry. I absolutely love the history of our church and the role that Beulah has played in Edmonton, in Alberta, in Canada, and around the world to make Jesus known.

There’s no other pastor that I love and respect more than Keith Taylor. His love for Jesus, his incredible humility, and his faithful care and commitment to our church family over the past 30 years is jaw dropping, to put it mildly. If you could join me in praying for him and Jacquie as they discern how they might serve Beulah and the greater Church in this next season of life, that would be incredible.


The Journey of Succession

Leadership transitions are never simple, yet every church inevitably has to face them. Beulah Alliance Church has been blessed with Godly pastoral leadership over the years, with each Lead Pastor serving for their season and then transitioning to a next generation leader.

When Pastor Keith shared his intent to pass leadership to the next generation, the Board recognized that a successful transition was extremely important for the welfare of Beulah and began the process of selecting a new Lead Pastor.

Beulah’s Local Church Constitution is a representative leadership structure, whereby the membership elects the Elders Board, who in turn, discerns and calls a Lead Pastor. The Board were prayerfully seeking God’s anointed candidate throughout the discernment process by receiving guidance from scripture, from those with search experience, and from other church leaders, including experts who have gone through this journey before.

The succession journey was bathed in prayer by our leadership and it was exciting to see God’s hand evident throughout the process that has named Daniel Im as the next Lead Pastor.

The Im’s calling to Edmonton is clear and compelling. Daniel is a fully devoted follower of Jesus. He understands the values and mission that have shaped Beulah’s past 100 years, and is passionate about reaching 1% of greater Edmonton for Christ. We have been blessed by God’s faithfulness over the past century as He has called generational leaders to help shape our ministry expressions locally and around the world.

This is an important time in Beulah’s story. Our leadership transition process is coming to a close, but our journey into the next 100 years is just beginning. We look forward to what God has planned for our church under Pastor Daniel’s leadership. Please pray for anointing, protection from the enemy, empowerment by the Holy Spirit, and to be fully on mission to accomplish our great vision of reaching greater Edmonton for the glory of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Laurent Charron, Chairman of the Elders Board


Watch Now!

Pastor Keith and Pastor Daniel sat down to share about the heart they have for our church and our city.

Pastor Keith announces his intent to pass on leadership of Beulah Alliance Church to Daniel Im.

Dave Stone | Jan 9/10, 2021

Rev. Dave Stone was the Lead Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Kentucky for 14 years before passing leadership to Kyle Idleman in 2019.

Beulah sought the counsel of Dave, who has had the unique experience of someone who has both received the leadership baton from someone who served for 40 years, but also someone who has successfully passed it off to another Lead Pastor. Dave has been helping us through this process for nearly a year and has been in regular conversations with both Pastors Keith and Daniel.

We desire to have the smoothest possible transition for our church as we walk through Leadership Succession this year.

On Jan 9/10, Dave Stone joined us to speak about Healthy Leadership Succession. Watch now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What has been Keith’s journey to this point?

I (Keith) believe that God has been leading me to pass the mantle on to the next generation in a timely fashion—listening, praying and discerning when a transition would be right. A few years ago, I felt that the 30th year of my ministry at Beulah, which happens to be the same year as the 100th Anniversary of Beulah, would be the right time to transition.

What has been Daniel’s journey to this point?

For as long as I (Daniel) can remember, our family motto has always been, “Lord, here I am. Lord, here we are.” So whether it’s connecting with our neighbours or selling everything we own and moving to another country, nothing has ever been out of the question. Since our lives are not our own, Christina and I have always strived to live with open hearts and open hands because God’s ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are always better than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Sometime in the fall of 2018, Christina and I began sensing that change was on the horizon. There was this unsettledness in our hearts that couldn’t be explained because we loved everything about our lives in Nashville. Our community was incredible, our church was healthy and growing, our podcast was impacting marriages and families, and my work at LifeWay was helping churches around the world. I was also in the middle of writing my third book while continuing to accept invitations to speak on my previous ones. In other words, there was no human reason for us to move, or even consider a change.

So you can probably anticipate how surprised I was when, only a few months later, Christina and I started praying about coming back to Beulah Alliance Church—especially since it was in the middle of an Edmonton winter. And to be crystal clear, this wasn’t some trite little “prayer” that we carelessly tossed up to God. No, this was one of those all-hands-on-deck, get-on-your-knees, everything-is-up-for-grabs kind of prayer. Specifically, we were asking God to reveal whether coming back to Beulah to serve as the next Lead Pastor was simply a good opportunity or a divine calling.

I still remember it like it was yesterday: it was April 13, 2019, after the Saturday night service when God answered our prayer and made it extraordinarily clear that he was calling us to move back to Edmonton. After several months of conversation, and then three days of interviews with the staff team and elders, Christina and I were debriefing what had happened and how we sensed the leading of the Holy Spirit. It was in that moment, as we were worshipping and praying, that God broke our hearts for Beulah and Edmonton. That night, we sensed God was saying that this is where He wanted us. And that everything we had learned and done in life was leading us to this next divine appointment.

So, here we are back in Edmonton, and more excited than ever to continue leading Beulah toward her vision of reaching 1% of greater Edmonton for Christ. And it’s not because this is some sort of opportunity. No, it’s because this is a calling—God’s calling on our lives.

How do you feel about Daniel stepping into this role?

I (Keith) am excited to share that our Board worked and prayed through this transition, and when we extended a call to Daniel, we did so with the intent that Daniel would become the Lead Pastor. Daniel was on our pastoral staff for five years, then was away for another five, and returned in September 2019. He loves Beulah! Since returning, he has provided leadership to our staff team, bringing fresh, timely and excellent leadership when COVID-19 hit.

I, along with the Elders, have been so impressed with this next generation leader who possesses such a servant’s heart and a deep, deep desire to know and honour Jesus. He is highly respected among church leaders across the continent for his understanding of church ministry in a multi-site context. Beulah values servant leadership. It is not about position, nor status, but about faithfulness. Daniel models those qualities in his personal and pastoral life.

How is the Senior Pastor selected?

Beulah’s Local Church Constitution is a representative leadership structure, whereby the membership elects the Elders Board, who in turn, discerns and calls a Lead Pastor. The Elders Board prayerfully, carefully, and with external counsel, considered who might provide the spiritual, pastoral, and organizational leadership for Beulah. Following a rigorous process, the Board extended an invitation to Daniel to come and join our staff, with the intent that he would take the lead pastoral role upon Keith’s completion of the role.

How did we engage our staff in this process?

The pastoral and support staff are committed to the vision, values, and culture of the church. Beulah is their church home, as well as the locale of their calling and ministry. It was important to be transparent and keep our staff informed, welcoming them as part of this journey. Our pastoral staff were a part of meeting with the candidates during the Board’s search process. The staff is unified and are excited about what God is up to.

What does this mean for Southwest and Lighthouse Campus?

Since Beulah is one church in multiple locations, succession does not change anything for our Southwest or Lighthouse Campus. In fact, Pastor Daniel, along with Pastor Neil and Pastor Maynor, have already begun dreaming what it would look like for West, Southwest, and Lighthouse to continue to multiply and start additional campuses to reach 1% of greater Edmonton for Jesus.

What will happen between now and succession?

Keith and Daniel will be sharing leadership roles. Since returning to Beulah, Daniel has been providing leadership to our staff, as well as taking more of the preaching responsibility. He has been serving on our Board of Elders, leading ministry leadership processes, and building trust and relationship with the staff. Keith will continue to mentor, work alongside, and continue the process of transition to Daniel, with a future date to pass the leadership mantle in its entirety to Daniel in the Spring of 2021.

What will happen to Keith after succession?

I (Keith) am praying for God’s direction and discernment for ministry opportunities in the future. We are looking forward to how we might serve Beulah and the greater Church in this next season of life. Beulah is our church home.

What are we asking of the congregation?

This is an important time in Beulah’s history. Please pray for God’s hand upon this time. Pray for guidance, pray for anointing upon Daniel and our leadership team. Pray for vision, continued unity, commitment, and dedication to be a part of God’s calling for our future. Pray for our Elders Board for this important and exciting season ahead of us.

When I (Keith) first came to Beulah, I was Daniel’s age. As a young leader, Beulah invested in me, and the congregation was generous in providing encouragement and amazing love and support over the decades.