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Daniel grew up in Vancouver and started following Jesus in elementary school. Upon discerning a call to pastoral ministry during university, he transferred out of pre-med and into religious studies. He took his first church staff position in his final year of university where he served his local church. Before returning back to Beulah in the Fall of 2019, he was the Director of Church Multiplication for LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, Tennessee. In this role, he was responsible to consult with churches on multiplication, leadership, discipleship, and change management. He frequently worked with large churches and denominations on training, staff development, and organizational development. During this time, his love for the local church did not subside, as Daniel continued to pastor by serving as a teaching pastor in his local church in Nashville.

Before his time at LifeWay, Daniel served for five years at Beulah leading the groups ministry, the adult ministry team, and serving as an interim campus pastor. During his time at Beulah, he finished up his theological studies by earning a Masters of Arts in Global Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. Before Beulah, he served as the lead youth pastor and ministries pastor for the English Ministry of Onnuri Community Church in Seoul, South Korea—a church of 50,000 people. And before that, he pastored in a church plant in Montreal, a city where less than 2% are Christian. Daniel has authored and co-authored three books, including the best-selling leadership book No Silver Bullets, which has greatly influenced the discipleship strategy for many churches in North America. 

Christina grew up in  the city of Ottawa, the youngest of two children, in the loving home of two immigrants from China that met in Canada while working at K-mart (it’s the sweetest love story… ask her about it  sometime). Christina was rescued by Jesus at 8 years old and believes  kids can be invited into a life of wonder, engagement, and curiosity about  the Bible. Children’s spiritual lives are real and vibrant: they are known and loved by God as they are right now. While  Christina is deeply passionate about her own family, she has devoted her life to investing in other families too. In her career both as a homeschool mom, previous social worker, and current podcast co-host with Daniel, Christina has sought to serve Jesus by loving children and their families well. Christina’s passion is to give people the tools to build strong, connected, joy-filled, and Christ-centred marriages and families.  

Daniel and his wife Christina have been married for nearly fifteen years.  They met in University through a missions trip with Power To Change and started dating shortly after. They have been  inseparable  ever since. They were married right after graduation and since have had a dog, Teddy (13) and three children, Victoria (11), Adelyn (10), and Makarios (6). 



The IMbetween Podcast is a conversation on marriage, parenting, faith, and everything in between. With your co-hosts, Daniel and Christina Im, you will laugh and learn to build a strong, connected, and joy-filled marriage + family.

On this podcast, you will hear how to raise children that change the world, ideas to keep the romance alive with your spouse, how to not hate your in-laws, and ways to save money for your next vacation.

Daniel is the founder and host of the New Churches Q&A podcast with Ed Stetzer and Todd Adkins. The three of them tag team to answer your questions on all things related to church multiplication, multisite, church planting, and leadership.

Every show, they’ll play a voicemail of one of your questions, and then strive to help you as best as they can, by answering your question on this show.


You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love 
The way that we’ve done things for centuries has been unsettled and unseated. We’re living in a new normal. And while on the surface many of these changes look like the next best thing, there’s actually a complex and fragile web of lies holding it all together:  You are what you do
, you are what you experience, you are who you know, you are what you know, you are what you own, you are who you raise, and you are your past. In  You Are What You Do, author and Pastor Daniel Im considers these seven lies and the context that causes them to flourish. Through personable stories, research, and pastoral insight, Daniel will show you how to recognize these everyday lies in your life so that you can discover the truth on the other side. The truth that leads to freedom. The truth that moves you from surviving to thriving. The truth that will unlock a life of purpose, adventure, meaning, and destiny. 

No Silver Bullets
The myth of the silver bullet still exists because we desperately want it to. We all prefer quick fixes and bandage solutions to the long, hard, slow work that produces real change.
This book explores five microshifts that have the potential to produce macrochanges in your church. As you read, you will discover how to integrate these microshifts into the life of your church, starting with the way you disciple. You will finish by developing a plan to structure, communicate, and evaluate these changes to ensure that they take root and pave the way for lasting change and kingdom impact.

Planting Missional Churches
Is God calling you to plant a church? What does that even mean? How do you decide what type of church to plant? Where do you start? What systems do you develop? How do you recruit a team to help you? And how do you make sure that your church plant grows and multiplies? This is what  
Planting Missional Churches is all about.  Use this book as a guide to lay a missional foundation, choose the right model, develop the appropriate systems, and build the needed ministry areas, so that you can ultimately multiply over and over again.

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