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We would be honoured to work with you to plan your wedding ceremony and more importantly – your marriage. Planning a marriage starts well before planning the big day.

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Please read our Wedding Policy for our perspective.
  2. Download our Wedding Handbook and follow the instructions listed.
  3. Take the Marriage Preparation Course. This course will help you learn ways to build a healthy relationship and lifelong marriage. If you are getting married at Beulah, this course is a requirement.
  4. Contact our Wedding Coordinator at weddings@beulah.ca if you have any questions.

Together, as a community at Beulah, it is our desire that your marriage be all that God intended it to be. Marriage, as a covenant with God and one another, reflects to the world His closeness as a relational loving God. In marriage preparation, wedding celebration, and through the seasons of marriage, we want to help you find and walk in God’s ways to experience one of His greatest and richest opportunities to grow in His character and participate in His Kingdom of love.