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Where Does a Holy God Fit?

Some have heard the phrase used by followers of Jesus, “Leave room for the Holy Spirit.” Or maybe someone has said to you, “Let God fill your life and be your Guide.”

Yet grasping at an invisible God can be hard to wrap our minds around. Because the Holy Spirit isn’t an object that you can put somewhere: He’s not a wedge to put between snuggly teen couples (thinking of my youth group days) or a corrective stick for trouble makers.

But the Spirit does get involved and He can cause trouble in our lives. We may deem the space we’ve carved out in the muck of sin as good — but God redeems us each and every day.

For years I worked as a flood technician and I found myself in all sorts of messes. I waded through the muddy waters of the fallout from others’ carelessness that had impacted our clients’ lives. When a plumber skimped on standards and best practices, it may have seemed trivial to the home builder at the time, but later when the pipes broke it was another story. (Editor’s note: This isn’t referring to the recent West Campus flood!)

So one Sunday morning while I lay in the mucky underbelly of a mobile home, working overtime because of someone else’s carelessness, I realized that while I would rather be at a church service for my spiritual growth, God could fit anywhere I let Him in.

You see, prayers to God while you’re deep in the mud are no less potent than prayers offered from the first row of the church auditorium. It is only a matter of time and space – and we happen to serve the God who created both.

For me, I like to get time with God in the early morning. I can easily spare some time from sleeping instead of taking from my family’s waking hours or my work.

And then I find more time and space on walks and while exercising. I find that God fits nicely between your earbuds and between sets of weights at the gym. He also fits in your running shoes, if you’re mindful to listen for His voice between the paces of your evening jog.

And God fits in the evening quiet of your bedroom as your teens fall asleep and your phone is put away. He fits between casts of a fishing rod at the lake, and He fits between the clicks of your socket wrench in the garage.

God will enjoy your morning cup of coffee with you, and He will be present on that commute you don’t like. What did the Psalmist say? “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

Time spent with God will fit anywhere, but you have to want to spend time with Him.

Responding to her religious understanding of relating to God, Jesus said to the woman at the well,

But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. (John 4:23 ESV)

God can fit anywhere you find. The trick is to try to find the places that fit you.

Mike van Goch
Facilities Manager